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The Three Lines Reimagined

Friday 3 December 2021

  • This publication was officially released on the first of the Annual GRC2021 Virtual Conference . 
  • You can download your PDF version of the Paper here

The Three Lines reimagined:
Critical success factors for an effective implementation of the Three Lines of Accountability


Lead Director and Author: Annette Donselaar

With thanks to the GRCI CCP/CCRP and Fellow Alumni for their contributions in our workshops. 

Executive Summary

Since 1996 the GRC Institute (“GRCI”) has been the preeminent member organisation for Compliance and Risk professionals in Asia Pacific.
One of the important matters that has been the subject of discussion and debate from our members has been issues arising from their experience with implementing the ‘Three Lines’ model (“The Model”). To better understand these issues, the GRCI held workshops with our senior accredited members during 2021.1
Based on that feedback and additional research, the GRCI recommends the following:
  1. The Model is built on the existing three lines, which is illustrated at Appendix 1.
  2. Although the name has been recently changed to just the “Three Lines” model, we believe the deletion of the words “of defence” should be replaced by “of accountability.” The “Three Lines of Accountability” title clearly states the key element of ownership at all three lines to deliver an effective business risk model.
  3. Implementation of the Three Lines of Accountability by Compliance and Risk professionals should be through designing, developing and delivering critical success factors. Critical success factors are the activities that need to be undertaken in order to achieve a strategic goal. They are essential for success.

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