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General insurers need to review and update their pricing systems and those who fail to take risk enforcement action.
This message to the general insurance industry comes as the Australian Securities Investments Commission(ASIC) begins civil proceedings against Insurance Australia Limited for misleading and deceptive conduct. 
ASIC all...

By Kwame Slusher


 The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) commenced civil proceedings against Diversa Trustees because they allowed financial adviser Nizi Bhandari to operate while under investigation. 

Vanda Russel Gould no long has a financial licence for failing to maintain membership with the Australian...

By Kwame Slusher

In light of the recent call from the the Australian Securities and Investments Commision (ASIC) to companies to review their whistleblower policies we thought we'd share this article from  the archives.  

Warren Day, the Victorian Regional Commissioner and Senior Executive Leader of Assessment and Intelligence at the Australian Securitie...

By Kwame Slusher

From the GRC Professional Podcast Archives 

The GRC Professional caught up with Vivienne Begg, an expert in structured writing, and discussed some fundamental elements in policy writing and writing board papers.

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Writing Compliance Do...

By Kwame Slusher

Expert is business and policy writing Vivienne Begg highlights the essential elements of writing contentious policy.

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By Kwame Slusher

GRC Institute Director Elizabeth Moylan talks about her career journey and the impact of increased digitisation.

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By Kwame Slusher

Hunt & Hunt Lawyers Partner Andrew Ham talks about recent risk assessments released by The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (Austrac) , and the potential impact in might have on reporting entities covered under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing A...

By Kwame Slusher

Tax Haven, Pandora Papers

A few weeks ago, saw the release of the four industry assessments by the Australian financial intelligence unit. one of the most notable findings boing that the big banks assessed as being high risk. 

This week saw the start of the publication based on the Pandora Papers which is the latest the data leak revealing complexed network trusts an...

By Kwame Slusher

People on a street, Will Tranche 2 ever happen ? AML Compliance

This article by Anthony Quinn was originally published in the GRC Professional in 2015 before the media storm of the Panama Papers. 

Food for thought in light of the most recent Pandora Papers.  

As the clock ticks over into 2016, nearly a decade on from when the AML/CTF Act was first introduced into Australia, I wanted to examine the...

By Kwame Slusher

Former Director Glen Desmond Champley has been disqualified for five years for being involved in eight companies.

By Kwame Slusher