23 June 2010: FSTB review of disclosure of price sensitive information

Thursday 1 July 2010

23 June 2010

GRCI has participated in providing a response to the Hong Kong government about its decision to codify disclosure of price sensitive information of listed companies in Hong Kong. The submission provided by GRCI dwelt in particular on the guidance provided in respect to the timing of the disclosure of price sensitive information.

GRCI members contributing felt that more adequate working should be provided to ensure clarity for the market, given a number of legal precedents and conflicting regulatory usage of similar wording.

It is hope that this input will provide benefits for members who need to work with the proposed requirements.

Click here to view the submission.

GRCI would like to thank those members involved in these submissions for the time, insights and input they provided and we encourage all members to be involved in future submissions and comments to ensure the compliance and risk perspective is put forward to regulators and government.