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Open Consultations: 8 September 2023

Friday 8 September 2023

This is a current, but not exhaustive, list of open consultations that will affect the financial industry.
Consultations that are closing soon!

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

ASIC Proposes to extend electronic precontractual disclosure legislative instrument. Submit by 13 September.

This a proposal to extend this credit instrument for another year until the Treasury Laws Amendment (2023 Law Improvement Package No.1) Bill 2023

ASIC proposes to remake financial reporting legislative instruments. Submit by 13 September.

: The ASIC Class Order [CO13/1050] financial reporting will sunset on 13 October. ASIC has identified the instrument as an effective part of the legislative framework.

Consultations Closing in October 
Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Consultation: Operational Risk Management. Submit by 13 October 2023.

Description: This consultation set out further details about the rollout of the CPS 230.
The fundamental principles of CPS 230 in Operational Risk Management are:

  • effectively manage its operational risks, and set and maintain appropriate standards for conduct and compliance;
  • maintain its critical operations within tolerance levels through severe disruptions; and
  • manage the risks associated with the use of service providers.


Consultation: Legislating the objective of superannuation. Submit by 29 September.

Description: The government is seeking stakeholder feedback Treasury on draft legislation to ensure that future changes will remain compatible with objectives.

Unfair Trading Practices - Consultation Regulation Impact Statement. Submit by 29 November.

Description: This is to address unfair trading practices in Australia consumer law and the gaps in Australian Consumer Law.

Consultation: Screen scraping – policy and regulatory implications. Submit by 25 October.

Description: The government is looking industry views on the screen scraping market and is looking to ban screen scraping where the Consumer Data Right (CDR) concerned.

Consumer Data Right Rules – expansion to the non-bank lending sector. Submit by 6 October.

Description: This consultation Exposure Draft amendments Competition and Consumer (Consumer Data Right) Rules 2020 (the CDR Rules) is based on responses to consultation tat closed in January of this year.

Consumer Data Right Rules – Consent Review and operational enhancements design papers. Submit by 6 October.

Description: This is looking at changes in the consent procedures and other operational procedures.