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Open Consultations: 1 September 2023

Friday 1 September 2023


Australian Prudential Regulation Authority 
Consultation:  Operational Risk ManagementSubmit by 13 October 2023. 

Description:  This consultation set out further details about the rollout of the CPS 230. 
 The fundamental principles of CPS 230 in Operational Risk Management are: 

  • effectively manage its operational risks, and set and maintain appropriate standards for conduct and compliance;
  • maintain its critical operations within tolerance levels through severe disruptions; and 
  • manage the risks associated with the use of service providers.
Consultation: Legislating the objective of superannuation. Submit by 29 September.
Description: The government is seeking stakeholder feedback Treasury on  draft legislation to ensure that future changes will remain compatible with objectives. 
Consultation: Unfair Trading Practices -  Consultation Regulation Impact StatementSubmit by 29 November
Description: This is to address unfair trading practices in Australia consumer law and the gaps in Australian Consumer Law. 
Consultation:  Screen scraping – policy and regulatory implications. Submit by 25 October.
Description: The government is looking industry views on the screen scraping market and is looking to ban screen scraping where the Consumer Data Right (CDR) concerned. 
Consultation:  Consumer Data Right Rules – expansion to the non-bank lending sector. Submit by 6 October
Description: This consultation Exposure Draft amendments Competition and Consumer (Consumer Data Right) Rules 2020 (the CDR Rules) is based on responses to consultation tat closed in January of this year. 
Consultation: Consumer Data Right Rules – Consent Review and operational enhancements design papersSubmit by 6 October. 
Description: This is looking at changes in the consent procedures and other operational procedures.