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Why attend the AML and Financial Crime Congress?

Tuesday 23 May 2023

GRC Institute (GRCI) has produced an annual anti-money laundering and financial crime congress since 2015. Our intent is to create a unique opportunity that meets the needs of compliance professionals who want to keep up to date with centre-lane AML practice and to learn about developments in money laundering adjacent areas of financial crime, such as fraud, modern slavery, anti-bribery and sanctions.
GRCI Members – Sharing their expertise
Our members’ knowledge needs are broader than core AML and they value the cooperative understanding of typologies across all financial crime. This gives them multi-dimensional observations and data from which to make more sophisticated risk assessment in all areas. The shared knowledge of how members’ colleagues are dealing with similar risks, is also invaluable for assessing the validity of their evaluation of risks and the adequacy of the controls they have in place.
This area of risk is unusual in compliance, as the risks to an organisation’s ability to comply with the requirements usually comes from outside the organisation. This can be difficult to control and there may be conflicting advice about how you should deal with them, depending on which external agency has an interest.
So, the AML and Financial Crime Congress is curated to try and address these needs and connect strategic thinking and effort throughout the financial crime space to offer solutions - to gain traction and economy of efforts to deliver governance objectives and protect its assets, legitimate customers and stakeholders.
Addressing financial crime risk
We have since come a long way from when AML regulations were first introduced. Now regulators also understand these overlaps, conflicts and challenges. Our members have expressed that from their experienced point of view that uplift is still needed in the controls and controls assurance areas for these difficult risks.
Hence the theme for 2023’s congress: Bridging the Gap. The program is designed to address the critical areas of uplift that will be required as the exposure to these risks become more frequent and nuanced. We have all witnessed organisations failing to make the connections between a behaviour that they categorise one way, also qualifying as a reportable incident, or even transaction report to AUSTRAC and other regulators, and it costing the organisation and individuals dearly as a consequence.
Our members are asking for shared inputs to these complex questions and that is what the Congress is designed to provide. 
We invite you to join us for these discussions and to hear from our line-up of leading speakers!

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