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Podcast: Governance, Risk & Compliance Quarterly with Naomi Burley

Friday 31 March 2023
This week we are promoting RelyOn Podcast, interviewing our CEO Naomi Burley taking a broad view of the risk and compliance challenges facing businesses. 

Podcast Notes:

Today’s conversation is a little bit different. We’ve partnered with Australia’s GRC Institute to bring you the latest in governance, risk and compliance. Each quarter, we’ll be joined by the GRC’s CEO Naomi Burley to discuss the hot topics in risk management. 

In this podcast (31 mins), Nathan and Naomi discuss:

  • The 3 hottest topics in governance, risk & compliance this quarter
  • How can risk professionals and boards use leading indicators to prevent incidents
  • The disconnect between how fraud and culture risks are managed
  • Why governance, risk & compliance professionals need a seat at the board table
  • How to build a proactive risk culture

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