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Practice Notes for Assurance

Friday 14 October 2022

Testing and Assurance will actually reinforce to the business  the reasons why controls are important.

In the presentation for the conference GRC Institute director Annette Donselaar said at the launch of the Practice Notes for Assurance( This link is only accessible if you are a member and are logged in to your GRC  Institute Account), “we thought assurance was the first one [Critical Success factor] to look at because it’s the area where role clarity between the three lines, in our view, is the most misunderstood.”

Last year the GRC Institute the published the
Three Lines of Accountability Paper  provide high level guide to help members to implement the here lines successfully in their organisation. 

In last year’s
paper assurance is defined as “… the overall process across all three lines.  The purpose of assurance is to ensure that the governing body and senior management are fully apprised of the effectiveness of the compliance controls.”
Strategic Compliance
Assurance is just one of four critical success factors that are essential for strategic compliance:

  • Advice
  • Governance
  • Support; and
  • Assurance  
The GRC Director  continued , “One of the key areas around making strategic compliance work in your organisation is that it focuses on the accountability of people working in all three lines and what they should be doing.”

“And from the GRC’s point of view it[practice Notes] also blends in and works nicely with a lot of out training courses as well.”

The paper and practice notes were not  designed to be a training manual or a checklist .  

 “They are written by members for members based on experience to say, “When you are thinking about these actions you might want to think about these issues.”
Download your member copy for the practice notes on assurance