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What we are reading & listening to...climate litigation, the merge, Wirecard fraud

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Climate Related Litigation

Who’s Gonna Save Us catches up with cross section climate change activists. One of the things this podcast charts is the rise of the sue climate change related litigation to stymy or to stop current and new oil and gas projects.


Climate Change and the Ethereum

The Merge in Ethereum—moving the from proof of work to proof of stake- this week will lead to processes means miners in this space will not leaving such a substantial footprint on the environment. The Economist podcast Babbage looks at the implications of this shift on methodology.  Question for members is, beyond KYC, could digital currency exchange be a factor in the consideration of the onboarding them as a client?


On the Bookshelf

This week we are reading Money Men: A Hot Start-Up, A Billion-Dollar Fraud,  A Fight For  The Truth by Dan McCrum. This is the Financial Times journalist's story of how he broke the story on Wirecard