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Podcast : AML & Financial Crimes 2022 Sanctions Edition

Thursday 13 October 2022
Save the Date  for the 101s Lunchtime Sessions- Financial Crime 101

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GRC Professional Podcast · AML & Financial Cirmes Congress 2022 & Sanctions

GRC Institute CEO Naomi Burley and LexisNexis Head of Content Regulatory Compliance Kieran Seed discuss this year’s Annual AML & Financial Crimes  Congress with an emphasis on the sanctions, sanction compliance and the perennial but volatile nature of sanction-related risks. 
Don’t know where to start with sanctions compliance? Here is a
Complimentary Sanctions Compliance Checklist from LexisNexis.

**Updated 13 October  2022**

Save the Date  for the 101s Lunchtime Sessions- Financial Crime 101