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Podcast: Organisational Change and Communicating Effectively with Millennials

Tuesday 21 June 2022

GRC Professional Podcast · Organisational Change & Communicating Effectively Millenials

Thriving People Founder & Director Rebecca Christianson talks about to communicate effectively with Gen Y and Gen X employees.

Rebecca Christianson is the Founder and Director of Thriving People focusing on strategic People & Culture management consulting and Executive coaching. She has been an Executive and senior leader herself across the private and public sectors in Australia, the UK and Europe. Over the years she has partnered with Executive teams to define and lead cultural change, build leadership capability and implement organisational change through embedding employee experience (EX) principles of co-design. Rebecca is also a skilled and accredited facilitator delivering numerous leadership programs at various levels across organisations. She is an experienced Executive coach and is energised by helping senior leaders increase their self-awareness, focus, influence, effectiveness and wellbeing to thrive in the new world of work.


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