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Privacy Awareness Week 2022

Friday 22 April 2022

Privacy Awareness Week is just around  the corner.

This year Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) is from  2 May to 8 May with  the theme ‘Privacy: The Foundation of Trust’.

Earlier this year the Office of the Information Commissioner (OAIC) published a report on the notifiable data breach regime for the last reporting period and found that human error related breaches was a growing concern.

In formal statement the OAIC says, “Privacy has become more important to us in recent years, yet we’re losing trust in organisations protecting our data.”

When the information commissioner surveyed community attitudes towards privacy, they found that the Australians have quite mature understanding of its implications.:

  • 85 per cent the understand why personal information should be protected
  • 87 per cent want more choice over how personal information is used
  • 70 per cent see protection of personal information  as a major concern
  • 84 per cent believe that the personal information should not be used in away that causes harm or distress
  • 84 per cent also believe that privacy is important when choosing a digital service
  • 82 per cent believe that children should be empowered use online services, but their data privacy should be protected
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