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Eliminating Filler Words with Sarah Ewen

Thursday 9 December 2021

This week Sarah Ewen from Public Speaking for Life facilitated a GRC Institute virtual workshop on eliminating filler words.

While the importance the practice was emphasised throughout the session there are other key factors Sarah highlighted as essential to the process:

  • Mindset - ourselves, audience, and content
  • Structure – story telling, presentations
  • Delivery -body, language, eye contact
But what are Filler words?

Filler words as expressions that don’t  add any value to the message.

Sarah shared some categories of Filler Words :

  • Two-letter filler words
  • Patronising Filler words
  • Diluting Filler Words
  • Descriptive Word
  • Extending Filler Words
  • Cultural Filler Words
Negative impacts of using filler words?

  •  Clutters key messages
  • Irritates the audience
  • Dilutes Credibility
  • Impacts Brands

For more on Eliminating Filler words, or anything else to the with effective verbal communication, keep an eye on the GRC Institute’s Events  for more workshops and webinars.

In the mean time, here is Sarah Ewen talking to the GRC Professional Podcast. 

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