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Remembering Karen Den-Toll

Wednesday 10 February 2021

This week we pause to remember Karen Den-Toll, who will not only be remembered for her contribution in leading governance, risk, and compliance thinking but also her wonderful sense of humour and kindness.
Karen’s passing prompted many GRCI members to reach out to me to speak of their memories of her, her passion in all aspects of her life, and most especially, her generous support and championing of her fellow professionals.

Those who knew her in that professional capacity would remember
 her ability to translate the complex concepts into plain language and transmute dry subjects into engaging conversations.

Karen had an inspiring intellect and unique ability to see how to conduct could be improved in organisations so that they could live up to regulatory and community expectations. Karen’s work with politicians, regulators, and senior executives on the implementation of the Banking Executive and Accountability Regime (BEAR) and other Hayne Royal Commission initiatives was extraordinary and valued by all.

However, she was more than the sum of her professional accomplishments—Karen was liked in her profession. For some members of the GRC community, she moved from just being a colleague to being a trusted friend.  

She will be remembered for her strong sense of morality which she reflected in everything that she did.

Karen was generous and passionate in all that she did for the profession and the organisations she worked for: she was a leader, an engaging and intelligent speaker, a coach, and mentor to anyone who asked for assistance, and a staunch advocate for the best intent of the law – the optimum ethical outcome for all stakeholders.

Karen Den-Toll will be missed by so many, but her legacy will not be forgotten.  
The GRC Institute extends our deepest sympathies to her family, friends, and colleagues.
Naomi Burley
GRC Institute, CEO

Calvert Duffy

Friday 12 February 2021
A true ‘force of nature’. Karen will be sorely missed, professionally and personally. Vale Karen

Craig Greenwood

Thursday 11 February 2021
Sad, sad news, but thank you Naomi for putting what many of us are feeling into words. I had the pleasure of having Karen as my GC in my first ever compliance role 20 years ago, and was fortunate to work with her on a very regular basis. Like everyone who was lucky enough to know her and work with her, she will be fondly remembered, yet sorely missed.