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Tuesday 18 August 2020

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With the coronavirus pandemic forcing staff to work remotely, leaders have been grappling with the unique challenges of managing and engaging employees digitally at a never-before-seen scale, leaving them more dependent on technology.

Financial services institutions especially have had to digitalise services quickly in response to the dizzying speed of change to deliver quality services to their customers amidst the crisis.

The challenge now is ensuring high productivity and consistency in customer experience while maintaining security and compliance, especially as these changes are here to stay.


The recently-released TAS eBook, How to Crack the Productivity Code in a Secure and Compliant Way: A Guide for SMBs in Financial Services, highlighted that 70 per cent of CEOs are concerned about technological change, especially in light of the increasingly complex regulatory environment, even prior to the crisis. So, the question remains, how can leaders drive productivity while ensuring they remain compliant in building a healthier future with and for their people and businesses?


Deciphering the productivity code of the modern workplace 

The modern ‘digital’ workplace is the answer

Leaders must invest in tools that enable connectivity engagement, using innovative solutions that are powered by smart operating systems with enterprise-grade software. This offers compelling benefits, ranging from enhanced workforce productivity to seamless customer engagement in a more virtual world, allowing financial services organisations to nurture a more resilient future.


As explored in the eBook, a significant tool in market is Microsoft 365, which in itself is an all-encasing suite of programs that is designed with productivity, engagement and data protection in mind. 

This includes:


- Microsoft Teams 
- Power BI
- Stream 
All of which come with inbuilt security and compliance measures.  


However, the financial services sector has always faced hesitation in leveraging digital transformation on a large scale, with leaders voicing concerns around security, compliance, resources, budgets and more.


Reaping the benefits of a modern workplace

It’s time to embrace the new normal and face the ongoing disruption with the right tools and support.

Financial services leaders must understand the critical ways in which modern workplace solutions like the Microsoft 365 suite will help address those concerns and provide significant benefits: 


Higher productivity at all levels with employees empowered to make quicker, data-driven decisions while meeting compliance obligations.

Employee engagement and retention as the tools support increased flexibility and shows a willingness to invest in the employee experience.

Improved security and compliance processes with the inbuilt automated security and compliance protocols ensuring firms meet consistently-evolving regulatory demands.


A critical factor in implementing these tools efficiently and seamlessly into existing systems is the engagement of strategic partners.

Technology services experts in the financial services industry can help leaders ensure these programs comply with expected obligations, mitigate challenges in rolling out solutions and reduce costs associated with adopting new technology across the organisation.


Get future-ready with the right tools. Learn how to embrace the modern workplace in TAS’ new eBook here or explore your options with Paul Bristow, Business Manager for Microsoft Solutions, at



To learn more about TAS' new Modern Workplace eBook, click here