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GDPR Readiness

Thursday 10 May 2018

 the right to have personal data erased

Image Credit: EY Fraud Survey 1
According to the 15th EY Global Fraud Survey, those aged under 35s are more likely to assert their right to have their data erased than those aged over 35.

The EY Report said that: “This may be explained by under 35s’ more intensive use of e-commerce and social media and a greater concern for their data being put at-risk by cybersecurity breaches.”

GDPR preparedness
The Survey also looked at preparedness in relation to general data protection regulation. Respondents were asked about their preparedness for the GDPR, set to become law on 25 May this year.

Certainly, major cyber-attacks have highlighted the importance of having clear insight into IT risk, ensuring it does not sit solely in the remit of IT professionals.
The recent coverage of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has reemphasised the importance of ethical data stewardship.

Image Credit: EY Fraud Survey 2
The Report suggests that, globally, companies are not ready for the EU’s privacy regulation, since just 40 per cent of respondents indicated that they understood the incoming regulation ‘fairly well’.

In addition, the Report stated it was worrying that 1 in 10 legal compliance respondents in the EU did not know the legislation ‘at least fairly well’.
The survey referenced another EY survey, the Global Data Analytics Survey, where only one of the respondents had a plan to address the GDPR.