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The new face of CBA

Tuesday 30 January 2018

With the New Year, it seems CBA is making some changes in the face of scrutiny caused by the royal commission into its practices.

Matt Comyn has been appointed the ‘new face’ of the bank and will take up his post in early April. He is expected to address the challenges of culture that may have played a role in those areas where the bank has been accused of failing to meet the regulatory requirements.

“It is important we maintain the momentum underway, upgrading and strengthening our governance, accountability and risk management, while delivering a strong financial performance,” said Comyn.  “We are in a period of significant technology and competitive change, and I look forward to ensuring we remain at the forefront of technology, innovation and a great customer experience.”

CBA Chair, Catherine Livingstone, said the board’s priorities when it came to selecting a replacement for Ian Narev focused on the incoming individual’s ability to meet community expectations while remaining at the forefront of innovation.

“The candidate also needs to transform the business and adapt the organisational capability and culture to suit the rapidly-evolving competitive and technology-centric environment,” Livingstone said.