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Friday 26 May 2023

Australia’s future anti-scam centre will be the new frontier of regulatory and enforcement action and ‘high frequency’ information sharing between enforcement agencies and regulators. 


The recent major data breaches, fraud, and scams have been a significant focus for industry and regulators. The Australian Competition and Consumer Co...

By Kwame Slusher

The AML & Financial Crimes Congress is less than a month away!

The GRC Institute CEO Naomi Burley takes a high-level view of financial crime compliance landscape in Australia and gives a sneak peak at what to expect from the
AML & Financial Crime Congress 20...

By Kwame Slusher

Thursday 25 May 2023


Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
Consultation: Authorised deposit-taking institutions’ Points of Presence ReviewSubmit by 23 June 2023
Description: The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is reviewing its data collection publication following recommendation 7 in the
Regional Banking Taskforce Final Repor...

By Kwame Slusher

Thursday 25 May 2023



This week we are watching ABC’s Four Corners report AI Rising looking at the risks and ethical implications of artificial intelligence and how it could change the world that we live in. 


Have you thought of your risk exposure to AI?

By Kwame Slusher

GRC Institute (GRCI) has produced an annual anti-money laundering and financial crime congress since 2015. Our intent is to create a unique opportunity that meets the needs of compliance professionals who want to keep up to date with centre-lane AML practice and to learn about developments in money laundering adjacent areas of financial cr...

By Ashleigh Stevens

This episode is the first in our Frequently asked questions series! Here is where we publicly answer all Your Frequently Asked Questions!
Let us know what you want to know!

Podcast Notes 

Does the GRC Institute provide compliance assessments?

No. We will ref...

By Kwame Slusher

This week we have been listening to an episode of Leading with Purpose, which looks at the nexus between creativity and empowered cultures.  




Join our ESG Discussion Group.  

By Kwame Slusher


AMP Life Limited and AMP Financial Planning will pay a $24 million penalty for charging 2000 deceased customers even after being notified about their deaths.  

MLC will pay a $ 10 million penalty for failing to pay promised benefits.  

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has...

By Kwame Slusher

After Australian Privacy Week, the consumer Action Group Choice published a petition to consider other ways retailers might track and profile consumers every time they shop.

CHOICE writes, "This technology could be used to set discriminatory prices for specific consumers, track your movements via your phone with Bluetooth beacons, scour your...

By Kwame Slusher