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Earlier this the year New Zealand passed legislation for mandatory climate related disclosures. This week the Australian Prudential and Regulation Authority published results of a self-assessment of regulated entities alignment with the  CPG Climate Change Financial Risks  based on the work Taskforce for Climate Related Disclosures (TFCD).


By Kwame Slusher

While APRA -regulated entities are doing good job  following regulatory guidance in governance and disclosure, but still have a lot of work to do in embedding climate risk across their organisations.

This week results  climate change risks self-assessment survey of alignment of medium to sixty-four large banks, insurance, and superannuatio...

By Kwame Slusher

Thursday 4 August 2022


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) published updates in the Regulatory Guide 263 Financial Services and Credit Panel,  the new INFO sheet 273 Financial Services and Credit Panel (FSCP) decisions: Your Rights and published Report 734: Response to submissions  on CP 359 Update  RG263 Services and Credit  Panel (Rep 734...

By Kwame Slusher

GRC Institute Director Elizabeth Sheedy talks about the strengthening of transparency of CPS 511 Remuneration.


By Kwame Slusher