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Friday 22 October 2021

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has published guidance for the prudential standard in remuneration set to take effect in 2023.    

 “Effective implementation of CPS 511 will strengthen the resilience of the financial sector and rein in the kinds of poorly designed remuneration practices that have damaged community trust...

By Kwame Slusher

Should the product intervention order against contracts of difference be extended?
This week the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) published a consultation paper proposing the extension of the CFD for retail clients until 2031. 
The regulator is seeking feedback from industry before the end of November. 

The curren...

By Kwame Slusher

Former financial adviser Ashok Sherqwal has been banned from the industry for 6 years for providing advice not the appropriate for his clients and failed to meet the additional disclosure obligations. 

Former Director of Spectrum Wealth Mark Schroeder has been banned from providing financial services for six years for numerous compliance ...

By Kwame Slusher

GRC Institute Director Craig Greenwood talks about his compliance journey, the challenges of remote compliance and the importance of leveraging experience of veteran compliance professionals.


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By Kwame Slusher

From the Archives: 

Before the new whistleblower legisaltion in 2019 the GRC Professional Podcast caught up with Nathan Luker from Your Call to talk about whistleblowing frameworks and the importance of having a culture of speaking out.

By Kwame Slusher

Friday 15 October 2021

The Australian securities regulator is concerned that the Australian may not have robust enough whistleblower policies.  
In a formal statement this week, the regulator said, “ASIC reviewed a select sample of whistleblower policies and is concerned the majority of those policies did not fully address the relevant requirements.”
This c...

By Kwame Slusher

General insurers need to review and update their pricing systems and those who fail to take risk enforcement action.
This message to the general insurance industry comes as the Australian Securities Investments Commission(ASIC) begins civil proceedings against Insurance Australia Limited for misleading and deceptive conduct. 
ASIC all...

By Kwame Slusher


 The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) commenced civil proceedings against Diversa Trustees because they allowed financial adviser Nizi Bhandari to operate while under investigation. 

Vanda Russel Gould no long has a financial licence for failing to maintain membership with the Australian...

By Kwame Slusher

In light of the recent call from the the Australian Securities and Investments Commision (ASIC) to companies to review their whistleblower policies we thought we'd share this article from  the archives.  

Warren Day, the Victorian Regional Commissioner and Senior Executive Leader of Assessment and Intelligence at the Australian Securitie...

By Kwame Slusher

From the GRC Professional Podcast Archives 

The GRC Professional caught up with Vivienne Begg, an expert in structured writing, and discussed some fundamental elements in policy writing and writing board papers.

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Writing Compliance Do...

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