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Thursday 18 January 2018

Derek Payne is the Governance, Risk and Compliance Officer for the Independent Education Union and member of the GRCI IT Compliance Risks Networking and Discussion Group. Last week, he took time to answer a few questions on technology risks and opportunities.

Payne will be presenting at the 2nd Annual Emerging Professionals Even...

By Kwame Slusher

NSW-based Smart Trader International has had its financial licence banned for failing to lodge financial statements and auditor’s reports three years in a row.

“Failure to comply with reporting obligations can be an indicator of a poor compliance culture. ASIC won't hesitate to act against licensees who do not meet these important requirements,” s...

By Kwame Slusher

Friday 5 January 2018

David Mario Alfaci is the first financial services provider to be banned by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission in 2018 for not being of good character.

According to the Securities and Investments regulator, the former employee of Centra Wealth and Interpac Financial Planning violated his contractual agreement with Centra Wealth by...

By Kwame Slusher

In December last year, the Australian Government responded to the Senate Economic References Committee Report, Australia’s general insurance industry: sapping consumers of the will to compare.

Of the 15 recommendations made, the Government actively disagreed with only one:

The Committee recommends that the Government complete a detailed...

By Kwame Slusher

Late last year, the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (AIST), the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), and the Financial Services Council (FSC) published the Insurance In Superannuation Voluntary Code of Conduct.

This came just months after the publication of the Life insurance Code of Practice was published b...

By Kwame Slusher

A recent report suggests bitcoin is no longer the currency of choice for criminals.

According to the AFR, Europol said last year that Monero, Ethereum and ZCash are gaining traction with the underground.

Matt Suiche, from Dubai-based security firm, Comae Technologies, said Monero was one of the favourites when it comes to ransomware attacks...

By Kwame Slusher

Thursday 4 January 2018

On a global level, 2018 will bring new risks and uncertainty for businesses.

Late last year, Control Risks, a specialist global risk consultancy that released their
Risk World Map for 2018, said uncertainty and risk will come about because of increased cyber threats and the rise of populist national leaders.

“With the threat of the next w...

By Kwame Slusher

Thursday 4 January 2018

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People must overcome their fear of data or risk being left behind.

Despite the rise of technology, there are still challenges when organisatio...

By Kwame Slusher