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Payment & Cancellation Policy

Please note: venues are confirmed when a minimum number of registrations are received.

GRCI reserves the right to cancel or postpone an event/course should this ...

Credit Card Merchant Fee Recovery Policy:

At the November 2010 meeting of the Board, they approved the recommendation of Management and the Finance Committee to pass on charges to members and guests using credit cards for paym...

Member Discussion and Working Party Activities

February 2022

Compliance Frameworks Discussion Group 2022
[Member Discussion and Working Party Activities]

Date: 08-02-2022 1:00PM
Location: Via zoom/teleconference, New South Wales, Australia

Please note: You must be a current GRCI Member to participate in these groups and the GRCI Code of Ethics applies to the behaviour of participants in these groups, as does Chatham House Rules.

The Compliance Frameworks Discussion Group has been requested by many members to reconvene in 2022.

This group began discussions a couple of years ago to...

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December 2022

Anti-Money Laundering Networking Group
[Member Discussion and Working Party Activities]

Date: 31-12-2022 11:00PM
Location: By teleconference or the GRC Institute Office [L1, 50 Clarence St, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Living Learning - we are keen to establish a networking group formed by AML/CTF/Sanctions, Anti Bribery or other financial crime practitioners who are members of GRCI. The aim of this group will be to meet and discuss the issues they care about with the aim of pooling thinking to solve business problems and provide continuing professional development...

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