Codes & Policies


In accordance with the GRCI integrated Compliance, Ethics, Governance & Risk Management framework, we observe the following codes and policies:

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The constitution is the primary governance document setting out the basis for operating the Institute, the rights and obligations of Members and the formation and operation of the Board.

GRCI Constitution


The code of ethics sets the minimum standard of behaviour expected of a GRC professional and Members of the Institute.

Code of Ethics

Code of Conduct for Directors

The code of conduct sets the minimum standard of behaviour expected of a Members of the Institute Board.

Code of Conduct

Payment and Cancellation Policy

From time to time members may book for events or education offerings and need to cancel their booking. GRCI has a number of policies regarding such cancellations and timelines that must be adhered to, due to the associated costs of running events and the venue confirmation deadlines. Please make yourself aware of these policies prior to booking as staff do not have the authority to vary from the conditions advertised.
A copy of these policies are also included on the events tab.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Credit Card Transaction Policy

To lower the expenses overall for members, GRCI has elected to pass on the merchant fee charged to GRCI, to those utilising credit cards for payments. EFT, cash and cheque payments are available as alternatives to credit card payments if you wish to avoid this fee.

Credit Card Transaction Policy