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GRCI Call for nominations for Director Elections 2022


We would like to invite GRCI members to nominate to stand for election to the GRCI Board in the 2022 elections.

Below is the core information you need to know before nominating and once you are comfortable that this is a process you'd like to participate in you can email our CEO 
here to obtain a word copy of the nomination form to fill out.
More detailed information is provided on the nomination form and it is important to read all of the information on that form. It is the responsibility of the nominee to ensure all information is correct, your nominees and yourself are financial members and meet the conditions for nominating and that the forms are lodged on time. It is NOT the responsibility of staff to assist you with this, other than supplying the form and answering questions.

For the 2022 election we have two vacancies.


The GRC Institute Board is made up of the CEO and nine members, elected from a diverse variety of backgrounds, who represent their fellow GRCI members.
These directors:

  • Provide governance for GRCI
  • Articulate the strategic direction for GRCI
  • Provide guidance, oversight and support to the MD and GRCI team
  • Promote and champion GRCI within their networks and organisations
  • Represent GRCI in the wider professional community at GRCI events and, occasionally, in external meetings or speaking on behalf of GRCI.
What’s involved:
The term for elected directors is three years.
Serving on the GRC Institute Board as an effective director requires:
  • Your time – to prepare for, attend meetings and undertake relevant action items
  • Actively engage in Board discussions and debates
  • Be prepared to represent the profession both internally and externally
  • Be prepared to serve on one of the other Board Committees (Finance, Audit & Risk, M&A or key working groups as required. These may meet monthly in addition to the Board meetings.)
  • Have an understanding of the needs of the profession
Meeting frequency:
  • Monthly meetings for approximately two hours (Except for December).
  • Annual General Meeting and follow up Board meeting (Held immediately prior to or during the Annual Conference)
  • Strategic Meeting – November 2022 for between a half to one day.
Every year we field quite a few of the same questions – so we’ve included answers below. If you have any additional questions you can also email our CEO with them.
How much time is involved in practice?
At a minimum there is a 1.5 – 2 hour meeting every month. However, in addition to this, there is paper reading time and any additional Committee meeting time. We do expect Directors to contribute to other GRCI activities, attend events, participate in podcasts and other activities, all of which take time. Finally, there is a strategic planning day in November that all Directors need to attend and actively participate in.
What is primarily expected of me?
Mostly to act in the interests of your fellow members. Your governance role, as is typical, supports the financial and strategic future and stability so that the investment by members to date is not squandered. More though, you provide a voice on behalf of compliance professionals. GRCI is staffed by a very small team, so unlike some other director roles, you will also need energy and dedication to assist with the execution of some items as subject matter experts.
I don’t know two other members to nominate me – what should I do?
In all honesty, if you don’t have two other financial members to nominate you but you are interested in a leadership role with GRCI, then the start should be to become involved in a discussion group, attend some events and ensure you network with your fellow members.
One of the key benefits of GRCI membership is building your professional networks – it’s time to capitalise on this benefit!
This year might not be the right time for you to nominate but the more you participate and get to know other members (even virtually) the more you will be able to contribute and represent the profession when it is your time to nominate.
Can I ask GRCI staff or the CEO to nominate me or to provide contact details of other members to nominate me?
This is a frequent question that is unfortunately, no.
Firstly, the practices of GRCI discourages this so that conflicts can be managed because as an elected director you would be acting in the capacity of their employer.
Secondly, acting as a nominator for someone standing for election is an important role in a representative process and is not simply a formality. Nominators are effectively taking on a ‘referee’ role and if they don’t know you personally or professionally it’s not really appropriate for a member you have never met to nominate you.
Similarly, it’s not appropriate from a privacy perspective for staff to give out contact details of members to anyone they don’t know for this purpose.
What’s in it for me?
The role of director provides you with a driver’s seat to the direction for GRCI and the ability to lead many of our initiatives on behalf of our members. You’ll learn from some outstanding peers and be able to contribute to the development of the profession as a whole. GRCI is the only professional association dedicated to representing compliance professionals. A role as a director allows you to provide a tangible legacy for the profession as a whole.