Compliance and Regulatory Journal - Looking back: Encouraging organisations to do more than just comply with regulations


This week's featured article, is a particularly popular article from Dr Katarina Hackman, who very generously wrote a number of research pieces for the Compliance and Regulatory Journal, looking at in depth research to provide insights for compliance professionals to successfully implement regulatory change and associated projects.

For both regulations it was found that previous success
with implementation of regulations was the most
important factor in encouraging organisations to be
proactive and do more next time.

Although written in 2009, shortly after the GFC, there are still echoes of the challenges with regulatory change apparent in the findings of the Royal Commission into Banking miscondcut of 2018/2019.

This article, Encouraging organisations to do more than just comply with regulations, was originally published in GRCI's Compliance and Regulatory Journal and looks at research conducted into the factors that influence the success of a regulatory change project implementation. Some of these factors appear to be timeless. I hope you enjoy this 'look back' article, which I've linked through to Dr Hackman's ResearchGate download so she can track the utilisation of her articles, as this in itself is hugely interesting!

You can access here.

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