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Notice for Members: Special General Meeting May 2021


Dear  Members,

The GRCI Board would like to invite you at attend a Special General Meeting that will be convened to consider essential updates to the GRCI Constitution to modernise it as GRCI moves forward with its strategy to raise the profile and value of the Compliance Profession.

The meeting will be held 25 May 2021 at 1 pm Sydney time and should be concluded by 2 pm.

Please read the Notice of Special General Meeting, which can be accessed here. This is guide you to the proposed changes to the GRCI Constitution so that you can consider how you might vote on this matter.

As outlined in the Notice of Special General Meeting, the changes proposed are put forward to you as members to bring the Constitution in line with the GRCI’s strategy, to modernise our governance structure and nomenclature to reflect our members and member organisations and the business profession in which they work.

Although a membership based organisation, the GRCI is also professionally run by compliance professionals as your directors for their fellow compliance professionals and we feel that updating the terminology used in the Constitution to reference our leadership and directors better reflects the maturity of our organisation, just like other corporate entities, except that the profits go back to building more resources for you.

Online voting will be conducted on the resolution to accept the amended Constitution as circulated with the notice of SGM. You will be sent a personalised link to the online voting for the resolution.

Please note that online voting will close 5 pm on the 24th of May 2021 to allow for collation and verification prior to the SGM on the 25th of May.

You must be a current financial member of the GRC Institute to vote.

If you are unable to access online voting, you may vote via return email to: or attend the Special General Meeting online or in person.

To attend the meeting in person, you can join this meeting via zoom utilising the link in the Notice of Special General Meeting May 2021.
Please contact the GRC Institute Managing Director directly if you have any questions about the resolution or are experiencing any issues with voting: