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As a registered training organisation (RTO #91640), GRCI runs unique nationally accredited courses

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At the core of GRCI, we never forget that we are a membership organisation - that means that everything we do, the strategy the Board sets and the operational decisions the MD makes, are all to meet our members' - your - needs!

Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don't but we ALWAYS want to know what to keep doing or do more of, what to do less of and how else we can help you in your professional lives.

We are a small team and although we try and speak directly with our members as often as possible, we aren't able to speak to all of you as often as we would like.

So, we'd like to ask for your feedback via the good old membership survey format.

This genuinely should take five minutes or less to fill out, unless you start getting on a roll with your written comments. And we'd really love your input for our planning for the next year to three years.

If you have time to participate, please click below to give us your feedback: