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GRC Job Board


The GRC Jobs Board is another resource created by the GRCI to help members like you curate your own career and your own future.

This tool is part of the three step process of ensuring members have access to the right qualifications, continuous professional development and valuable job opportunities.

Benefits of the new GRC Jobs Board:

  • The ability for GRC professionals to anonymously post resumes, allowing them to be recruited while remaining in complete control of which employers they want to share their information with.  
  • Employers can expose jobs to passive job seeking GRC professionals who are not visiting job boards via EDMS, GRC Professional Newsletter and the GRC Professional Magazine.
  • Job content will be integrated across social media platforms to provide valuable job exposure to GRCI members on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • GRC Professionals will be alerted every time a new job becomes available that matches their goals and interests.
  • Extensive brand advertising for employers.
  • Integration of career resources, training and other benefits offered by the GRCI to members of the GRC profession.

Let the GRCI help you take control of your future. Visit the Job Board today!