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Credit Card Merchant Fee Recovery Policy:


At the November 2010 meeting of the Board, they approved the recommendation of Management and the Finance Committee to pass on charges to members and guests using credit cards for payments from January 1, 2011. Until this determination is revoked by the Board, it will thereafter be the policy of GRCI to recover the merchant fee percentage charges from users.
As at January 1, 2011, the fees will be:

  • Visa and Mastercard: 2%
  • Amex: 2%
These fees will vary as necessary, if and when the fees the GRC Institute are charged change. GRCI will keep the fees as close as practicable to the fees charged to GRCI, bearing in mind variations possible through international charging and other variations that might apply from time to time.
As usual, there are alternate methods of payment available, including direct deposit. If members and guests would like to make use of these options, please contact the GRC Institute’s Accounts Officer, Yunsheng Lu in the office on +61 2 9290 1788 and she can advise you of the details required for these payments. Tax invoices will still be generated by the website automatically for your use in paying for your bookings and purchases and you can print off and send copies in with your payment.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank GRC Institute members and guests for their participation in GRCI events, courses and other purchases. The profit from these activities and sales go toward further building the suite of member benefits.
We look forward to being able to reinvest the savings made through this policy into meaningful member benefits.
Please contact the GRCI Office if you would like to utilise an alternate method of payment and the details are not readily available and we will send these through to you.