Mentoring Pilot Program


GRCI is proud to offer to its members a mentor/mentee matching service, initially on a pilot basis. Our membership base includes a large number of talented and experienced GRC professionals with a lot to offer mentees, as well as emerging professionals with the desire to learn and grow.
Mentorship gives mentors a number of benefits such as further development of mentoring skills (including providing feedback, communication, and interpersonal skills), contributing to the profession, helping their less experienced colleagues, and networking. Mentors and mentees earn CPD points for time spent mentoring/being mentored (up to a cap of 5), in accordance with the GRCI CPD framework.

This pilot program will run for twelve months from the end of November/mid December 2014 and places will be limited to ensure it can be managed within the current resources available and at no extra cost to members.

If you would like to participate, click on the appropriate link below and answer all of the questions included in the relevant questionnaire. Mentors and mentees must register separately.

Registrations will be open until mid-November and then the data will be utilised to try and match as many applicants as possible, following which, all applicants will be contacted to be notified of whether they have been matched to anyone and how to progress from there.

As a Mentor or Mentee:  What can you expect? What will be required of you?
It is very important to remember that being a mentor AND a mentee involves work and commitment. This may seem obvious in the case of the mentors, but many mentees underestimate the need to be proactive, engaged and committed to the process. Nothing will be achieved if the mentee does not take the agreed actions or proactively engage with the process. Mentors are not there to simply off-load "wisdom" - mentees must have a clear idea of what they want to achieve and be prepared to take the steps to make this happen, possibly based on the input from their mentors.

If participants think it might add value or focus, the GRC Institute will have a limited number of GRC "projects" available that can be assigned to a mentor and mentee to complete together, much like a post-graduate research project, with the mentee undertaking the primary work under the supervision of the mentor. If you think you might like to take this approach to your mentoring or mentee experience, you can indicate this in your application and the details can be discussed once the matching process is completed. This is completely optional and will not determine your inclusion or the match with your mentor or mentee.

Please do not register for the program if you do not feel that you are adequately placed to engage in this manner. Should the program prove to be valuable, GRCI will continue to offer these opportunities but there is no value in undertaking the program without being resourced (time or otherwise) to participate fully.

It is expected that Mentors will:

  1. Provide feedback, perspective, ideas, and wisdom to help the mentee in their compliance career (short and long term)
  2. Understand what the mentee wants out of the mentoring opportunity
  3. Support and provide aspirational goals
  4. Challenge and suggest areas for improvement and upskilling, including methods for achieving the stated goals (formal and informal)
  5. Where appropriate, suggest alternative mentors (e.g. where the mentor does not have the required expertise to assist the mentor)
  6. Meet with the mentee at least once a quarter over the course of a year (as a minimum)

It is expected that Mentees will:

  1. Be clear about your goals for this mentoring opportunity
  2. Be an active listener and use your mentor’s time effectively and efficiently
  3. Take responsibility for identifying and achieving developmental goals
  4. Understand that the mentor won’t have all of the answers
  5. Be open-minded. Take advantage of the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and ways of looking at things

Other relevant details:

  • Once the program commences, it is expected that the term of the mentoring activity/relationship will be 12 months with a meeting - either in person or by phone (or as otherwise agreed or possible) quarterly.
  • Mentors and mentees do not pay for and are not paid for mentoring.
  • As a general rule, mentors and mentees should not be spending any significant amount of money on each other.
  • Both mentors and mentees will be bound by both the GRCI Code of Conduct for Volunteers and the GRCI Code of Ethics.
  • GRCI can request that a mentoring relationship be terminated early should a complaint be lodged by either party.

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