Boosting Data And Privacy Security In The Workplace

How costly is a data breach? According to Thomson Reuters Compliance Trends 2015, the global average cost of data breaches is $3.5 million. Privacy and data protection have shot to prominence in the risk and compliance profession in recent years. Companies are far more likely to have a small data breach than a major breach. Some of the reasons for breaches included: malicious insider, criminal attack, negligence/human error and system glitches. Mistakes made by employees are a frequent cause of data breaches according to Experian.

How to boost data security?

  • Conduct regular risk assessments to ensure proper technologies are in place to prevent and detect data breaches
  • Launch employee training and awareness programs on handling sensitive and confidential information

Employee training and awareness programs

Corporate compliance training for employees is an important component for businesses as it helps staff to understand the regulations that are relevant to their tasks and duties at the workplace. Proper compliance training can help companies mitigate and avoid the risk of lawsuits and heavy penalties as well as improve the productivity in the workplace.

To that end, it is vital to have proper compliance training for your staff so they understand the protocols and act ethically. Being on top of complying with business legislation and minimising risks will ensure ongoing success.

Governance, risk and compliance solutions by the GRC Institute

As a registered training organisation (RTO), we offer two nationally accredited courses which can be delivered in-house, as part of your organisational training framework. The courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation, within the parameters of the national qualification framework, ensuring optimal value for your business and employees.

We know the regulatory landscape is only becoming more complex as new standards and codes pass into law. Our goal with our courses is to give businesses and compliance and risk officers the tools they need to untangle those complications. Graduates of our courses have gone on to spearhead compliance programmes across many different sectors. Many have become members of our professional association, and utilised our networking opportunities, ongoing professional development and the outlets we provide for influencing the future of government standards and compliance requirements.

Compliance and risk officer qualifications

As mentioned above, we offer nationally accredited qualifications which provide pathways to a career as a compliance and risk professional in business, government and community organisations. The courses are designed and taught by leading practitioners, which confirms the academic rigour and quality of the program. GRCI’s emphasis on practical training provides students with the opportunity to build valuable hands-on skills. Lastly, we have an education partnership with Swinburne University where the 10184NAT Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management undertaken at the GRC Institute is a pathway into Swinburne Master’s program. We continue to work on other pathway options for our members. If you would like further information or updates on this, please contact our office and we will happily assist.

Our nationally accredited courses include the:

10131NAT Certificate IV in Compliance and Risk Management: This course delivers the core skills and knowledge you will need to work as a corporate compliance and risk officer. The course consists of 15 units, including sections on organising compliance management systems, managing compliance breaches, providing training on compliance systems and undertaking compliance audits. In addition to these compliance-centric subjects, the Certificate IV will also provide you with more general skills you will need to work as a successful compliance and risk officer, including leadership and complex or technical writing. If you are interested in enrolling in the course or reading more about the specific subjects covered, click here.

10184NAT Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management: This intensive course is designed for senior governance, risk and compliance professionals. Usually, students seeking a Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management have either completed the Certificate IV or have significant experience working in the industry. This course is therefore designed to build on the core compliance and risk officer qualifications the Certificate IV course helps to establish. Built around scenario-based challenges and developed to stress leadership as well as compliance management. This course prepares you for a high-ranking strategic position within your organisation. If you are interested in enrolling in this course, click here.

As the regulatory landscape becomes more complex, compliance and risk officers are only going to become more vital for businesses. For all other queries, please contact the GRC Institute on +61 (02) 9290 1788.