Stay Ahead In The GRC Employment Market

New rules and heightened regulatory oversight have made compliance a priority for many companies especially for highly-regulated industries; however the demands for staff exceed the pool of experienced workers.

According to PWC, there is a shortage of appropriately qualified compliance professionals in the market, and they expect this to persist for the next 2 to 3 years. This lack of qualified staff is making compliance in these areas more difficult and exposing their organisations and the financial system to greater risk. Those with backgrounds in anti-money laundering and commercially-savvy compliance managers are particularly sought after. Professionals from non-traditional backgrounds are also being considered for these roles including: professionals with behavioural psychology degrees or a background in organisational resilience, forensics, or engineering.

There is also a disconnect between the skills needed to implement many of the regulatory change programs, and the skills the business needs on an ongoing basis. Once organisations build their new compliance programs to comply with heightened regulatory expectations, they will then need to find a way to sustain them over time efficiently. That is why risk and compliance needs to show real value to the business, beyond regulatory engagement.

It would seem, then, that professional qualifications will play an even greater role in the employment market for compliance professionals, and as such suitably qualified candidates will be in high demand for their skills. If you are looking to make a move into the industry without prior experience there are few ways you can set yourself apart, but it can come down to qualifications. From the employer’s perspective a qualification can demonstrate how committed you are into entering a new industry. But if you don’t have experience, what can you do to show that you are keen?

The GRC Institute (GRCI) offers an introduction to compliance and risk workshop and two nationally recognised qualifications in compliance and risk management – mutually recognised in Europe, the Americas and throughout Asia via our strategic relationships with other international compliance associations and IFCA. Upon successful completion of the nationally recognised GRC courses, students will receive certification and accreditation and may display this on their resume or LinkedIn profile.

Nationally accredited GRC courses in Australia

10131NAT Certificate IV in Compliance and Risk Management: This GRC course provides professionals with the core skills needed to meet the demands of an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Students will be given the tools and knowledge to implement and maintain an effective compliance program across any industry using the professional standards as a benchmark. Upon successful completion of the course students will be accredited as an Associate of GRCI and may display the post nominal AGRCI and will be awarded the Certificate IV in Compliance & Risk Management (10131NAT), a nationally recognised qualification. Modules are run over a two day, face-to-face course. From course pre-reading to final assignment submission you will have 12 months to complete it. It can also be completed via distance learning.

10184NAT Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management: This course is designed exclusively for senior governance, risk and compliance professionals looking to further develop their skills for career progression to the most senior level. Upon successful completion of the course students will be accredited as a Certified Compliance and Risk Professional Fellow (CCRP Fellow) and will be awarded the 10184NAT Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management, a nationally recognised qualification. This GRC course is available via distance learning. From course pre-reading to final assignment submission you will have 12 months to complete it.

Ongoing leadership, advocacy and member support by the GRC Institute

When you graduate from one of our GRC courses, you may choose to join the membership ranks of our professional association. Please note you do not have to successfully complete the courses to become a member of GRCI. Joining GRCI does not just put you in a network of other compliance professionals across Asia Pacific. We also strive to provide ongoing professional development for our members and networking opportunities through regular conferences and seminars relevant to the profession.

In short, when you enrol with GRCI, you are getting in on the ground floor of a professional association that can continue to provide value to you for years. From providing ongoing development of your business governance skills to doing what we can to help your organisation achieve its goals. We hope that, after you complete your GRC education, you will opt to become a part of our thriving membership.

If you are interested in learning more about the membership benefits of the GRC Institute, click here.