Why Is Cpd So Important?

Professional benchmarks are always changing, as such keeping your professional development continuous is critical if you are looking for a new position or advancement in your current field. We also know that training budgets are not what they used to be, and it can be difficult persuading your employer to fund your educational needs. So how do you take your education into your own hands?

Gain new skills through volunteering: Volunteer for not-for-profit organisations or professional associations to become a mentor in your area of expertise. This will also help expand your skills. Or participate in and/or run one of our discussion groups.

Create an action plan: Start to identify what skills are required and what information is needed so you can plan how to achieve them.

Self-educate: One of the best ways to continually grow in the field of your expertise and interests is through self-initiated learning.

Nationally accredited risk and compliance courses in Australia

The GRC Institute (GRCI) has been operating in the compliance and risk management industry for almost two decades. Established in 1996, we provide Australia’s only nationally recognised qualifications in compliance and risk management – mutually recognised in Europe, the Americas and across Asia through our international alliances with other compliance associations.

10131NAT Certificate IV in Compliance and Risk Management: This course enables members to develop core operational skills, offering a seven module program that includes: issues and breach management, compliance project creation and management, the culture of compliance ethics, and obligations and legislation.

10184NAT Graduate Certificate in Compliance and Risk Management: This course ensures strategic implementation and process analyses, with its four-module programme promoting: system management, strategy and leadership, organisational risk management, and problem-solving.

For many people, the membership with the GRC Institute (GRCI) is a natural progression after completing one of GRCI’s nationally accredited compliance and risk qualifications. GRCI supports risk and compliance officers through education, accreditation, networking events, advocacy programs to Government and regulators, awards for our professional members and thought leaders, as well as a rich source of online resources such as the GRC Professional Magazine and Compliance & Regulatory Journal. Our goal is to provide high quality services that benefit our members.

Compliance induction programs for staff and the benefits

Businesses and organisations have their employees complete a compliance course so they can avoid situations that may make their company legally liable. Compliance courses also help employees detect any violations of company policies. In the end, compliance training creates a more hospitable work environment where peers respect each other and the jobs they must perform. Companies who have their employees’ complete training thereby lay the groundwork for a defence should any employee wrongdoing occur.

At GRCI, we can deliver programs or individual modules in-house, as part of your organisational training framework. The courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation, within the parameters of the national qualification framework, ensuring optimal value for your business and employees.

Act today and register for a compliance course in Australia by the GRC Institute

Enrol today at Australia’s premier provider of risk management and compliance courses. We offer everything from an introductory course for those new to the profession, all the way up to our graduate level certification designed specifically for senior compliance, risk, and governance professionals seeking to develop their skills further as they progress in their respective careers.

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