Creating A Compliance Training Program

Compliance training for your staff can be of tremendous value to an organisation and an essential part to building ethical culture, establishing acceptable standards of behaviour and mitigating risk.

All businesses face various compliance and legal issues on an ongoing basis and as such it is crucial your business is aware and understands its obligations, as legal problems can tie up critical resources and leave key parts of the business vulnerable. A wide range of potential risks exist for all businesses however good management and contingency planning can help reduce them. Risk isn't something that should be avoided. Rather, it's an opportunity for organisational innovation, developing new competitive advantages, addressing exposures that can threaten an organisation and something that can be integrated into strategic planning. Proper compliance and risk programs can help businesses mitigate risk and to have a proper structure in place on how to manage it if/when an issue arises.

What compliance training courses can do to build a culture of compliance?

Compliance training is essential to help ensure employees keep with appropriate protocols and to use good judgment in their business activities. Compliance training programs are also an effective way to build stronger risk-taking organisations by ensuring they have the professionals they need for every aspect of a business's operations concerning compliance and risk management. These professionals may do everything from standing at the forefront of the business, implementing policy changes and regulation to helping make regulatory changes as needed.

To that end, it is vital to have proper compliance training for your staff so they understand the protocols and act ethically. Being on top of complying with business legislation and minimising risks will ensure ongoing success.

Compliance training in Australia by the GRC Institute

Established in 1996, the GRC Institute provides Australia’s only nationally recognised qualification in compliance and risk management. We also provide professional development for our members and offer several key benefits to membership, including access to our publications: the GRC Professional Magazine and Compliance & Regulatory Journal.

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