Doing Compliance Better with Automation: an ISO 27001 case study

22-06-2023 4:00PM 22-06-2023 4:45PM
Online - Webinar, New South Wales, Australia

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Join us for an insightful webinar hosted by the GRC Institute in collaboration with Scytale and Witz Cybersecurity, where we delve into the world of ISO 27001 and the transformative power of Scytale's compliance automation platform.

This exclusive event brings together industry experts, Kyle Morris, a distinguished Senior Compliance Manager, and a valued client of Scytale, Totango, who have successfully navigated the ISO 27001 process with Scytale's cutting-edge solutions.
During the webinar, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of Scytale's compliance automation platform and its role in streamlining and simplifying the ISO 27001 process.

Kyle Morris - Senior Compliance Manager (ISO 27001 Expert)

Amit Bluman - SVP of Engineering at Totango