APRA Annual Risk Management Declaration Discussion Group 2023

26-09-2023 1:00PM 26-09-2023 2:00PM
Online - Livestream, N/A, N/A, New South Wales, Australia, N/A
Member Discussion and Working Party Activities

GRCI members have requested a short term discussion group on the topic of the challenges and nuances of the APRA Annual Risk Management Declaration.

This group will have a short schedule of two to three meetings to cover the discussion topics:

Approaching your Risk Management Declaration for CPS220 -

  • How do you inform your declaration?
  • Are there some 'artefacts' you collate to do so?
  • Is it industry practice to implement a periodic certification to support the end of year declaration?
  • How do institutions 'structure' and qualify a certification?
  • As risk and compliance professionals, how do you get your Executives and Board comfortable?
  • How do you measure maturity in your practices?
The proposed meeting dates are:
25 July 2023 – 1-2 pm Sydney time
29 August 2023 – 1-2 pm Sydney time
26 September 2023 – 1-2 pm Sydney time
31 October 2023 – 1-2 pm Sydney time (Back up date if needed)
Please pop these dates in your diary and the Agenda will be circulated a few days prior but it’s important to set aside the time once you register.
Note: These groups are only for GRCI members.