Managing your cyber risks: ISO 27001 certification and assurance tools

29-03-2023 5:00PM 29-03-2023 5:45PM
Online - Livestream, New South Wales, Australia, 2000

GRCI members have expressed interest in understanding the benefits of ISO 27001 certification as part of their organisation’s cyber risk management and assurance program.

The process of certification also involves ongoing monitoring against the standard for certification renewal. However the overarching framework, reporting and oversight can offer end user benefits, especially if the compliance and risk functions have access to this information in a digestible form to cover off their regulatory obligations to understand and manage these risks. Similarly, reporting to senior executives and the board is essential for them to make reasonable interpretations of the real risk exposure of the organisation.
Technology solutions to interface and assist with an organisation wide implementation of a framework to support ISO 27001 can greatly assist with bringing together this reporting and monitoring, as well as forming the basis of your evidence and audit trail. ISO 27001 stipulates specific requirements for the establishment, maintenance, and improvement of an organization’s information security management system (ISMS).

GRCI would like to invite members and guest users to join us on this webinar to get an understanding of one such solution provided by Scytale, a global leader in Security Compliance Automation.

The session will cover an introduction, and demonstration of the Scytale SaaS platform including how this technology works.

The Scytale demo will be followed by an opportunity for Q&A and discussion.
Please be aware that this session is NOT a lecture format session on the ISO 27001. It will be a demonstration of a technology solution to support an organisation working toward or already certified against this standard. It is a useful webinar to join to learn about the tools that can assist with an evolving and complex organisational risk. If you would like further information on ISO 27001 itself, please keep an eye on upcoming events as we are planning an information session in the near future.