ESG Discussion Group 2023

19-10-2023 1:00PM 19-10-2023 2:00PM
Online - Livestream, New South Wales, Australia, 2000
Member Discussion and Working Party Activities

Please note: You must be a current GRCI Member to participate in these groups and the GRCI Code of Ethics applies to the behaviour of participants in these groups, as does Chatham House Rules.

GRCI members have suggested the convening of a group to specifically discuss ESG and the management of the framework to support your organisations ESG commitments as well as the associated risks.

The observation of members is that many organisations are identifying opportunities for market growth within the ‘space’ of ESG. Whilst this may meet some customer expectations, to make products and conduct activities to support societal concerns and build trust capital and licence, there can be downside risks as well as a misunderstanding of the full expectations.

This discussion group will be led by our Chair Caroline Marshall and co-facilitators Dora Banyasz, Emily Turnbull, Keerthi Ravi, Andrew Wilcock and Zoe McNaughton.

The first session will be a led discussion about what ESG is intended to include and explore how this is playing out in organisations.
Participants will be invited to contribute Agenda items for future monthly discussions.

The discussion group will meet monthly from March to November in 2023 with draft dates below.

Please put these dates in your diary in advance and they will be confirmed in the week prior.

Meetings will be held as listed below, 1 - 2 pm Sydney time via MS TEAMS. 

Day Date Month Time | Sydney time
Thursday 9 March 1pm-2pm
Monday 3 April 1pm-2pm
Thursday 11 May 1pm-2pm
Thursday 8 June 1pm-2pm
Monday 17 July 1pm-2pm
Thursday 10 August 1pm-2pm
Thursday 14 September 1pm-2pm
Thursday 12 October 1pm-2pm
Thursday 9 November 1pm-2pm