Compliance Frameworks Discussion Group 2023

10-10-2023 1:00PM 10-10-2023 2:00PM
Online, New South Wales, Australia
Member Discussion and Working Party Activities

Please note: You must be a current GRCI Member to participate in these groups and the GRCI Code of Ethics applies to the behaviour of participants in these groups, as does Chatham House Rules.

The Compliance Frameworks Discussion Group will continue its discussions in 2023.

During 2022 the group met monthly, using as an agenda guide, the various sections of ISO 37301 and sharing how their organisations were building the various elements of their program, testing and implementing and documenting out.

At the conclusion of the year the group have agreed to continue meeting with a more flexible schedule. Similar to some of our other groups, there will be an overarching thematic but participants will be invited to control and design specific discussion points each agenda.

This same question continues to be of interest to the membership, along with sharing how others are tackling delivering on some of the core elements of a framework.

The discussion group will meet monthly from February to November in 2023.

Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday monthly, 1pm–2pm Sydney time via MS TEAMS. 

Please register for this group before mid January to be included in the yearly meetings. Members may join by request at a later date but as there will be no minutes taken of these meetings, late comers will NOT be supplied notes from the previous sessions.

Meeting Date Agenda theme
Tuesday 14-02-23 Working cooperatively with your fellow line two functions – sharing experiences, value-adds and gap identification
Tuesday 14-03-23 When your risks can’t be de-risked – meaningful controls and indicators
Tuesday 04-04-23 Useful compliance risk mapping – does a heat map work for you? What are your alternatives?
Tuesday 09-05-23 Compliance metrics learnings – KPI’s, reporting and performance measurement
Tuesday 13-06-23 Compliance communications – support, review, feedback and two way conversations with line one operations
Tuesday 18-07-23 Compliance communications – support, review, feedback and two way conversations with line one governance
Tuesday 08-08-23 Getting value from internal/external audit or independent reviews – what are your key lessons
Tuesday 12-09-23 Compliance maturity models – review of the GRCI model
Tuesday 10-10-23 Risk Management (for compliance) maturity models – review of the GRCI model
Tuesday 14-11-23 Year to date - wrap up and summary