ISO37301 Glossary Workshop

27-05-2022 12:00PM 27-05-2022 1:30PM
Online, New South Wales, Australia
Member Discussion and Working Party Activities

Please note you must be a current GRCI Member to participate in this Workshop. No registration cost applies. For information on becoming a GRCI Member please email

Sharing a common compliance and risk language between lines one and two is essential for the success of the compliance function supporting line one in their compliance endeavours. Whether it’s having a true understanding of risk appetite or being aligned about ‘incidents’ versus ‘issues’, clarity of meaning is as important as is clarity of accountabilities. 
It is in this spirit that the working group that has been formed to develop resources around the latest version of the Compliance Management Standard – ISO 37301, has elected to devote time to expanding on the glossary definitions included in the standard. 
The ISO definitions will only, by definition, include terminology used within the body of the standard. However GRCI members believe it could be a useful resource to add terminology that is in common usage in line two compliance and risk.  
This serves to be a use to our members who may want this reference as a tool for their line one staff or if you want a reference for consistency across regions or if you want a body like GRCI to provide a single reference point that you can direct your organisation to as verification. 
It will also allow the GRCI representatives on the Committee to use this resource as a feedback loop if these terms are incorporated in the standard or if they are used in the Annex to the standard, again to assist the global compliance community and those using the standard annex. 
Broad Agenda
  • Review the suggested inclusions and definitions 
  • Include your own suggestions 
  • Contribute to the final resource
  • Contribute to the introduction to the resource
We invite all GRCI Alumni and members to attend (it’s free!) to keep up to date with these developments and to give back to your profession in a way that benefits you and your organisation directly.