Compliance Frameworks Discussion Group 2022

13-03-2023 1:00PM 13-03-2023 2:00PM
Online, New South Wales, Australia
Member Discussion and Working Party Activities

Please note: You must be a current GRCI Member to participate in these groups and the GRCI Code of Ethics applies to the behaviour of participants in these groups, as does Chatham House Rules.

The Compliance Frameworks Discussion Group has been requested by many members to reconvene in 2022.

This group began discussions a couple of years ago to originally share thoughts and experiences around this core consideration: How do you document the elements of any compliance framework and connect it so that it makes sense to an external party.

The central dilemma faced by many compliance functions in organisations, is that there are so many parts of the framework in play that if an external party (an auditor, regulator, certifier or other interested party) wanted to understand the scope and current status of the framework, and the documentation may be stored in many areas or incomplete, that they would be heavily reliant on the humans in the compliance function using their own organisational memory and ‘connecting the dots’.

This same question continues to be of interest to the membership, along with sharing how others are tackling delivering on some of the core elements of a framework.

The discussion group will meet monthly from February to December in 2022 and each month’s agenda and topics will be driven by each of the elements as outlined in ISO 37301, with the conversation to be centred around: How is everyone approaching these elements and how are you evidencing, documenting and measuring that you have done so.

Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of the month, 1 – 2 pm Sydney time via MS TEAMS. 

Please register for this group before mid January to be included in the yearly meetings. Members may join by request at a later date but as there will be no minutes taken of these meetings, late comers will NOT be supplied notes from the previous sessions.

Further topic details will be circulated in advance of each meeting but the draft meeting schedule is below:

Meeting Date Agenda theme
8-Feb-22 How do you organise your framework?

ISO 37301 and adaptations
8-Mar-22 Organisation and context
12-Apr-22 Compliance Risk assessment
10-May-22 Leadership
14-Jun-22 Compliance Culture
12-Jul-22 Planning - actions to address risks and opportunities

Compliance objectives and planning to achieve them
9-Aug-22 Support
13-Sep-22 Operation including controls, procedures, whistleblowing and informal reporting
14-Oct-22 Performance evaluation - monitoring, analysis and evaluation including record keeping
8-Nov-22 Internal audit and the management review process
13-Dec-22 Continual improvement and rectification - finishing what you’ve started and continually improving