Importance of product lifecycle governance and oversight in a compliance world

19-08-2021 12:30PM 19-08-2021 1:30PM
By livestream webinar, New South Wales, Australia

There are now less than 81 days for organisations to be compliant with ASIC's Design and Distribution Obligations on October 5, 2021. With regulatory technology (RegTech) solutions for product governance, organisations can achieve not only ongoing compliance but also drive business growth and collaboration.
Product governance has become a crucial part of an organisation’s operating environment and a core metric for successful product management.  In this seminar, we will explore a case study that showcases the use of RegTech to improve product oversight and governance and empower product and compliance teams to manage emerging risk throughout the product lifecycle.

In the session, we will explore using a technology solution to address common industry pain points when implementing a DDO compliance regime including:

  • Lack of post launch product lifecycle solutions
  • Operationalising a product governance framework
  • Monitoring and assessing non-financial risk
  • Ongoing monitoring of Target Market Determinations
  • Conducting in-cycle & trigger led product reviews
  • Issuer, Distributor, Regulator Interaction
  • Demonstratable and accessible record keeping

Special Guest Speakers:

Leica Ison is the Founder and CEO of Skyjed and NED RegTech Association

Leica has extensive experience in leading product growth and engineering teams in technology, telecommunications, IoT and healthcare markets, where she has held roles as Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product. She has launched more than 55 products to market across consumer and B2B markets in her executive career. Leica and her team’s achievements have been recognised with five innovation and design awards. Leica started her career studying Bachelor Applied Science System thinking, holds Master Law from Sydney University, and studied Innovation at Harvard University Leadership program in Innovation and Renewal.

Andrew Chamberlain – Head of Customer Success
Andrew is part of the founding team at Skyjed and has accumulated more than 25 years experience leading sales, marketing and engineering teams in the IT industry. Andrew spent more than a decade leading Enterprise Sales at Apple responsible for the sale of all of Apple's product categories to business and government customers.  Prior to joining Skyjed Andrew was Chief Revenue Officer at First Wave Cloud Technology an ASX listed cyber security company.