ISO 37301 Webinar

30-06-2021 12:30PM 30-06-2021 1:30PM
By Webinar, New South Wales, Australia

On 13  April 2021 the International Standard for Compliance Frameworks, 19600, was superseded by ISO: 37301. Every five years all ISO standards are reviewed and International perspectives and collective practices are discussed and robustly debated in the ISO Working Group Committee devoted to this task. 37301 had involvement from over 100 countries with a Standards Body representative.  GRCI was privileged to participate as the elected representative for the International Federation of Compliance Associations, representing compliance professionals from twelve countries.

ISO 37301 is a certification standard, unlike 19600 which was for ‘guidance’ only. For several reasons this is an important distinction however it is also a significant step forward in recognising the important role of Compliance functions and Compliance professionals.
In this one hour webinar, Heather Loewenthal, GRCI Chair and Deloitte Partner, and Angela Jaric a fellow Deloitte partner will lead us through the critical changes in the standard and where Compliance professionals will need to focus their attention to evolve their organisations’ Compliance program. We’ll explore the challenges and benefits of a ‘certification’ standard and how you need to read the new standard to understand these aspects. Additionally we’ll look at the planning involved for the certification process.
Please join us for this important one hour briefing on the latest version of the Compliance Standard.