Can You Regulate Accountability? Insights into the implementation of BEAR.

04-02-2021 10:00AM 04-02-2021 11:00AM
Via Webinar, New South Wales, Australia
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Professor Elizabeth Sheedy and her colleague Dominic Soh, of the Macquarie Business School, have been conducting research into the effectiveness of the BEAR regime and the organisational perspectives on this new approach to accountability.

Following its enactment in early 2018, the Banking Executive Accountability Regime (BEAR), came into force for the largest Australian banks from July 2018 and for all other authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs) from July 2019.
The BEAR, along with other similar regimes in the UK and elsewhere, is a significant and novel regulatory initiative. It is based on the proposition that individual, as opposed to group accountability, is likely to lead to better risk governance outcomes. This proposition can only be fully evaluated in the long-term, but an early evaluation is justified for such a crucial regulatory change. If those long-term benefits are to be realized, then one would expect to see significant changes already to the way executives and directors behave.
This research examines the experiences of ADIs in implementing the BEAR. The research specifically considers benefits and drawbacks of the BEAR and moderators that might prevent it from achieving its goals.

Join us for this webinar, to explore the results of this research and help in your planning for any further extensions of this or other accountability regimes.

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