Remotely operating your compliance program A discussion group

09-04-2020 12:00PM 09-04-2020 1:00PM
By Teleconference, New South Wales, Australia
Member Discussion and Working Party Activities

Under the current circumstances, the robustness of your compliance framework is more important than ever, and is no doubt being tested by the rapidity and uncertainty of the change and advice being received.

More fundamentally, what elements of your framework simply don’t work in a remotely operating workplace? What adjustments urgently need to be made? What unanticipated risks are emerging? How can you realistically engage and support first line staff with ongoing, risk based decision making, when unique circumstances emerge and questions from customers and clients can’t be anticipated. Lastly, has your organisation been materially impacted by the volatility of the market and the government directives about assistance for businesses and customers impacted financially by COVID-19 and do you and your team need to urgently update and formulate policies and procedures to support your organisation.

Meet together with your peers over the phone to discuss what you are seeing, experiencing and learning. Share ideas, challenges and questions with your fellow professionals and let’s work together to equip ourselves and our organisations to effectively meet the current challenges.

This group will meet fortnightly via teleconference to discuss and share. Please join us when you can.

The first meeting will be scheduled for Thursday the 9th of April at 12 noon Sydney time for one hour.