Writing compliance documents that get results

03-06-2020 9:00AM 03-06-2020 4:00PM
To be confirmed, CBD, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
$1100.00 (including GST)
$880.00 (including GST)

Do you find writing compliance documents time-consuming and frustrating? In this workshop, Vivienne will take you through a process for developing your compliance documents, which ensures that you get the results you need.

You’ll be invited to bring sample documents of your own to the workshop for review, and after each stage in the workshop will be able to apply the ideas presented to your work, and receive feedback.

Workshop Outline:

  • Introduction to writing compliance documents
    • The challenges of writing compliance documents
    • The writing process: plan, outline and present
  • Planning your document
    • Why are you writing?
    • Who are you writing for?
    • What audience characteristics do you need to consider?
  • Using a structured writing approach
    • Principles: chunking and advance organisers
    • Information types: policies, procedures and processes
  • Creating an outline for your document
    • Different types of documents and content
    • Using templates
    • Structuring and sequencing strategies
  • Best practice advice for writing and presenting your document
    • Using plain language, short sentences, active voice, and writing succinctly
    • Presenting different types of content, including policies, procedures and processes
  • Reviewing your document


Vivienne Begg

Vivienne has over 25 years’ experience as a trainer and a writer. She specialises in both training people to use a structured writing approach for their business communications, and using the approach herself to develop documents for clients.  

Structured writing is a research-based approach to writing that is highly effective for compliance purposes. The approach provides writers with a consistent framework for developing clear effective documents in an efficient way. And it provides readers with information that’s easy to find, easy to understand and easy to act on.

Vivienne has delivered workshops for a wide variety of private and public sector clients in Australia, as well as New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. She presented a workshop at the 2016 GRC conference: “Using Structured Writing to get the outcomes you want.”

She has developed documents for a variety of clients, particularly in the financial services and pharmaceutical sectors.

When she’s not teaching or writing, Vivienne also works in Guest Experience at Taronga Zoo in Sydney.