Webinar: KPMG Compliance Compass - a solution to building trust

03-04-2019 11:00AM 03-04-2019 12:15PM
Your desk!, By Webinar - link will be sent closer to the date, New South Wales, Australia

KPMG Compliance Compass - a solution to building trust

In a time of increasing public expectation and regulatory scrutiny where trust has been lost or is at risk, it is imperative for compliance professionals to have confidence in their compliance management systems. 

KPMG, with their long history of establishing embedded compliance frameworks and advising on regulatory updates for clients, have taken the extensive knowledge of their compliance professionals to build KPMG Compliance Compass. Based on the International Compliance Management Standard (ISO 19600), the digital solution is designed to help organisations to assess the effectiveness of their compliance management system.
GRCI members often enquire about the technology options in the market to help them manage, measure and monitor their compliance frameworks, from micro management of obligations, through to being able to get a feel for progress against their compliance goals.

This webinar will enable members to get an efficient overview of the potential for Compliance Compass to assist their organisations, identify what problems and processes it would address and whether it is appropriate to enquire further.

Why not join us for an informative hour where we'll explore the issues the KPMG team were working to address and how it works in practice.

GRCI would like to thank KPMG for partnering with us for this session.

Tasha Manktelow
Director, KPMG Australia

Tasha is a Director in the Compliance & Conduct Team at KPMG.  She is a highly regarded senior leader of the team and assists clients on a daily basis with enhancing their compliance management practices. Tasha is an expert in the field of leading compliance management practices and assists a diverse range of clients across sectors.

Tasha is a seasoned compliance and risk professional with over 18 years of experience in the field of compliance management.  She has held roles at the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority as well as a range of compliance roles across a number of organisations. 

Her passion and commitment to delivering practical and efficient solutions to her clients has led Tasha to building a digital solution that enables organisations to rapidly assess the effectiveness of their compliance management systems.