Webinar: What Cyber risks are still keeping you awake at night?

26-03-2019 10:00AM 26-03-2019 11:00AM
Webinar, New South Wales, Australia

Overcoming common cybersecurity problems that compliance and risk professionals face. What tools are available to help manage compliance.

Those intent on targeting organisations for financial gain through technology are adept at creating and locating unforeseen vulnerabilities. To put this in context software vulnerabilities account for more than 80% of breaches. Simple steps like keeping software updated reduces risk exposure significantly but many organisations don’t consider these ‘IT housekeeping’ activities as a potential exposure.
During this webinar SecureSoft will take participants through the latest statistics on recovery time and costs or losses from a variety of cyber incidents including, data breaches, a virus attack, email  fraud.
We will also discuss the nature of the threat actors in the cybersecurity sector and how this may help you understand what your risk exposure really is and how you potentially should respond. We will also have the opportunity to see how technology solutions to mitigate these risks can work, who needs to be involved in briefing, execution and implementation by undertaking a demonstration of the Thor Enterprise suite from Heimdal Security.
Members are also invited to participate in the below survey to help drive this conversation and focus on the areas of greatest concern to compliance and risk: