GRC2018 Event Series - Melbourne

12-12-2018 8:30AM 12-12-2018 5:00PM
Pan Pacific Melbourne, South Wharf, 2 Convention Centre Pl, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 3006

Conduct, compliance and consequences: how compliance professionals will take us into the future

Why compliance professionals and why now?
The events of 2018 have and will impact organisations with earthquake like effects, with potentially crippling regulatory interventions and approaches as a consequence of the conduct so visibly showcased over the past months’ testimony.

Regulation is only one of the tools possible to combat this behaviour and it is questionable whether alternate approaches by regulators will have more impact or will simply impede potentially better, more innovative solutions.

Are organisations being asked the right questions? What is the end objective for organisations? Narrowing the focus to profit only has seen other undervalued risks emerge. Are compliance professionals the only players in the field with the skill set to bring organisations forward to the future? And what changes will they need to insist on to empower their boards as well as front line staff, to make better choices, consistent with bigger aims?
Join us for this intense one day conference and discuss these big issues, capitalise on your investment and time and come away with concrete steps forward to take your organisation with you. Design your own future, create your own strategy and meet and exceed expectations.


Keynote: Dr. Bob Murray - Fortinberry Murray:

Slaying the Monster – burgeoning problem of financial crime and how you can overcome it.
Dr Bob Murray will look at the problem of compliance through the lenses of psychology (he is a psychologist) and science (he is also a behavioural neurogeneticist). He will show why financial crime is increasing and why it will continue to increase no matter what the regulators do.
The good news is that there are ways that you can control the spread of white-collar crime in your organisation without falling into the temptation of becoming the regulator’s police force.
Dr Bob will show you practical ways in which you can

  • establish trust within your organisation
  • become a powerful influencer and facilitator and
  • quickly form strong and lasting supportive relationships in all areas of your life.

He will also make you laugh.

Dudley Kneller - Partner, Madgwicks Lawyers:

Whales, black hats and worms – managing increased cyber and privacy compliance risks
Phishing attacks, self-replicating programs, and malicious hacking- it’s a cyber security minefield out there with organisations now having to meet an increasing array of new and evolving compliance obligations relating to cyber security, privacy and data protection.  
This session will examine current cyber security, privacy and data protection compliance trends and how to manage the increasing regulatory obligations in this space.  The session looks at the following in particular:

  • Cyber risks – what are they and what can we do?
  • Managing cyber and privacy breach events successfully
  • Building cyber and privacy resilience
  • What are our legal obligations and specific risks?
  • Managing key stakeholders
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it affects you
  • Bringing it all together – top tips and takeaways
Attendees will gain valuable insights into evolving cyber, privacy and data protection risks impacting Australian organisations.  Attendees will gain a practical set of tools and increased knowledge to manage these risks in their own organisation.

Glen Falting - Arenburg Consulting:

Role of Compliance:  How to Make Friends Whilst Influencing People

As the financial services industry comes to terms with the failures revealed by the Banking Royal Commission it is perhaps appropriate for the compliance and risk community to also do some soul searching of its own.   To what extent were we complicit in allowing the poor client service culture to develop? Could we have done more to promote regulatory compliance or have we been too willing to accept the status quo for fear of jeopardising our careers? And how do we ensure we are able to better influence the risk and compliance culture in the future?

The presentation will look at these questions in the context of:

  • Compliance function as a critical partner in promoting the success of the organisation.
  • Have your voice heard by developing a relationship with business colleagues built on mutual trust and respect.
  • Knowing when and how to say ‘No’.
  • Managing the potential conflict between regulator and employer.

Willem Punt - Deloitte: 

Compliance Transformation & Trust

Stephen Fergusson - GRCI President:

Observations for compliance and conduct from the Royal Commission 

Phil Preston - The Collaboration Guy: 

Commercially Smart & Socially Good: The New Frontier for Business Strategy and Cultural Change

In an era where competition is high and trust in business is low, how do you respond with confidence? Is it just about creating new rules and regulations, or is there another way? Phil Preston, an expert in balancing commercial imperatives with societal needs, will show us how to take social good from being an afterthought and into core business strategy. He will use this framework to outline positive and practical approaches to driving cultural change in your organisation. As a professional speaker, facilitator and strategist in his field, Phil receives rave reviews for his highly engaging presentations. 

Ben Kelly, Chief Risk Officer, ATO:

Beyond compliance: the changing nature of enterprise risk management in the public sector
As public sector administration continues to evolve, including a deliberate shift towards client-experience-based service delivery models, large public sector regulatory and delivery agencies like the ATO have an opportunity to reframe their approach to considering risk. In doing so, Executive groups are placing greater emphasis on ‘what must go right’, rather than solely ‘what might go wrong’. Critical to this exercise is engendering a greater appreciation of the benefits of risk management, beyond the traditional paradigm of compliance.
In recent times, a number of events have brought the challenges of enterprise risk management into sharper focus for the ATO – prompting the organisation to reflect on its approach to risk and to consider four simple questions:

  1. What are our objectives?
  2. What must go right?
  3. What might go wrong?
  4. What’s our approach to monitoring and assurance?
Having taken on the role of Chief Risk Officer in August 2018, Ben Kelly will share his early impressions of the ATO’s risk journey to moving ‘beyond compliance’ and share insights into the opportunities and challenges ahead.