Reputational Risk how much will a negative headline cost you?

01-08-2019 1:00PM 01-08-2019 2:00PM
Teleconference, New South Wales, Australia
Member Discussion and Working Party Activities

The GRC Institute has received indications of interest from GRCI members to establish a discussion and research group to explore potential methodologies for calculating what the impact of damage to your organisation’s brand and reputation might be in investment terms, rather than looking to the variable of shareprice or potential fines, which can be affected by too many other things themselves. Optimally, the group may be able to develop some suggested measures and reporting methodologies to share with other members and test.

This group will provide an opportunity to engage with other practitioners and hear how others undertake this important task and to share experiences and ideas. This will NOT be a training course or formal training session but will be an informal, interactive group for showcasing your thinking, driving collaboration, inviting feedback and possibly engaging key stakeholders. Remember that you will gain exposure for yourself and/or your business by offering relevant information that helps others in the group.

The group will be run on "Chatham House Rules" as a discussion group and provide a place where different entities of varying sizes and locations can meet and discuss what their challenges are and how others may be coping with them. Our group will be open and as the group grows in size, you will need to be conscious that you should not be sharing proprietary or confidential information.

The meetings for the group will commence once we get a minimum number of registrations for the group, for six sessions initially and will be held at the GRCI office in Clarence Street in Sydney and via teleconference. We also have a room we can access in Melbourne if there are enough participants there who would like to meet face to face. A full list of meeting dates and times will be circulated to group members once we are able to commence. These groups usually meet for approximately an hour.

Note also: We will strive to ensure that the group will not be used to try to sell unsolicited advertising, promotional materials or other forms of solicitation to the group.

You can indicate your interest in participating in this group by registering below. It is not compulsory to attend every meeting, however, obviously if you have to miss a session and a topic of interest it may not be possible to go over that content again, so it will be up to each individual to manage their time and expectations accordingly.

Please note that this event is listed as running in August 2019 only - this is to enable members to register at any time up to the last scheduled meeting. Once you have registered please contact Kelsey at for meeting dates and times.

If you have any questions at all about this group, please feel free to email the Managing Director at: or phone: +61 2 9290 1788 and ask for Naomi.